Terms and conditions

* Please give us advance notification regarding your document’s special requirement (if any).
* If your document is not listed here, please call us for a quote.

Notes for non-standardized documents:
Since there is no uniform length and format for these documents, the translation difficulty and duration would vary. Our rate for these documents usually varies between AUD15-20 per 100 words. This rate may be adjusted subject to urgency of request, text difficulty or other factors. Please contact us for a quote.
You are welcome to send us a document for a free and accurate quote.
We are a professional translation company and respect your privacy. We would never disclose confidential information nor any document content to a third party. We understand that you may be reluctant to share document with us due to privacy concerns. However, we may be unable to provide accurate quote without sampling the source material.

Translation procedure:
1.  Please send a scanned copy or clear photo of the document to us via email, WeChat or Messenger. You may also deliver the document in person or by post.
2.  Pay the translation fee by bank transfer, Alipay or WeChat Pay.
3.  Receive the translated document according to the agreed time frame.

Payment schedule:
If the total translation cost is less than 100 AUD, please make upfront payment.
With respect to larger documents (if the total translation cost is 100 AUD or more), please sign and return the Cost Agreement we send to you, and deposit 50% of the total translation cost prior to translation. Please pay the balance before we return the translated document.
After payment, please include your phone number/ name or WeChat account No. in the reference. Please also send us the ‘payment successful’ page through WeChat/Email/text message.

Translation time:
1.  For standardised documents, we will return the translated document on the same day if we receive the source document before 12:01 pm.
2.  For standardised documents, we will return the translated document the following day before 12:01 pm if we receive the source document after 12:01 pm.

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