What is NAATI

NAATI is the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters in Australia. It is the official and only service for getting certification. It is partially owned by the commonwealth and all nine state and territory governments. They are responsible for setting a national high-quality standard of certification for all translators and interpreter practitioners to ensure the ability to meet Australia’s growing society of culturally and linguistically diverse residents and all temporary visa holders, without discrimination. They offer certification for translation in 64 languages. The official certification for translators and interpreters is called a NAATI translator stamp which evaluates the candidate applying that they show they have the skills in which are essential to practicing as a translator/interpreter in Australia and meet the national standard.

What does a NAATI translator stamp mean?

NAATI translator stamps are essential to operate. On NAATI translator stamps there is a ‘valid to…’ date, if it is a recent date this is an indicator that the practitioner has been recertified recently and is valid indefinitely not that the certification is expiring soon and when they will need to be recertified for their translator stamp to be up to date. However, it is essential that the translator stamp is up to date, and you are using a service that is currently up to national standard and NAATI certified, it is a recognised correct credential and should be taken as so. All NAATI translator stamps can be verified via: by entering the Practitioner number on the stamp, if you are unsure.

Below are examples of the current design of a NAATI-issued translator stamp.

Prior to the start of the Certification system in January 2018, NAATI issued translator stamps under the old accreditation system (see below for examples). These stamps are no longer issued however translations containing these stamps remain valid indefinitely.

Aussie Translation Services certifications

All of ATS’ practitioners are certified with NAATI translator stamps and operating with the necessary certifications and high-quality standards. Meaning all translated documents are recognised by the Departments of Home Affairs, Australian Taxation Office and all other necessary agencies and organisations within Australia to work and study, including universities, courts, banks, healthcare visas, and individual state/territory road and transport. To enquire for our translation services contact us via here.

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